Multi User (Miva)

Because of space-saving considerations, residential care complexes and nursing homes are increasingly using one bathroom shared between two living spaces. This means that the residents of both living spaces make use of the communal bathroom, which is an efficient solution, as long as privacy can be guaranteed. Vari-Doors makes this wish become a reality with the Multi User Concept. A user-friendly and secure domotics solution for users in a protected environment.

The Multi User (Miva) Concept incorporates two fitted sliding door systems fitted with movement sensors, warning lights and magnetic locks. Both residents can see whether or not the bathroom is free by way of a LED light on the profile that shines green if the bathroom is free and red if it is engaged. If it is engaged, the sliding door locks automatically so that the other resident cannot enter the bathroom. The nursing staff can immediately see if a resident is in the bathroom when both lights are illuminated.