Medicare (by Metaflex)

Vari-Doors, in partnership with Metaflex, now offers the Medicare (by Metaflex). This airtight solution is specially designed for the care sector and the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It can be used in operation rooms, pharmacies, clean rooms, and to meet radiation shielding requirements.

When the sliding door is opened and closed, there is close to no air displacement. In situations in which there is conditioned or contaminated air behind the door, this is of vital importance. The airtight closure supports overpressure of up to 100 Pa without leakage (ANSI/UL1784:1997).

Its unique closure system prevents uncontrolled airflows from going through the doors and ensures that the door remains airtight even in situations of considerable overpressure or vacuums.

For (technical) documentation, drawings and specifications click here.